GLP History

1. Who founded GLP?

André and Sheri Scruton founded the company in August 1986. André had a background in law, working in a private practice with over 15 years experience in Road Accident and Employers” Liability litigation. Sheri was a Sales Manager with BT with more than 10 years experience in business development.

2. Why did they do it?

They both wanted to grow and develop their skills in a business environment. The launching and management of a legal assistance company was the ideal solution where they could demonstrate their expertise. André had the vision of wanting to provide to ””the man in the street”” a cost effective way of providing access to justice via a low cost insurance policy added to home and motor insurance, namely legal expenses.

3. How is the company run today?

André Scruton is Managing Director and Sheri Scruton is Customer Services Director.  The Management Team, comprising the directors and staff, run the day-to-day business.

4. What’s your GWP?

In the financial year ended 31.04.09, GWP written was up 19.7% to £1.43m. The current year forecast is to write £2m of GWP. Financial information contained within the audited figures is based on net premium receipts.

5. What new products and initiatives have been introduced over the last five years?

Our SilverKnight vehicle and property assistance products (SilverKnight RESCUE and REPAIR range) have proven to be the most successful personal lines assistance products we have on offer. Brokers have quickly realised that these products offer excellent levels of cover at realistic and affordable premiums.

Our PartnerNet initiative has led to better relationships with our brokers who demand consistent and accurate management information on the performance of the products we deliver. Our supporting brokers have come to rely on the information we provide to help improve their business and overall performance.

6. How have the existing products and the business grown?

The company”s growth over the last 3 years has been through the development of new products within existing markets with the result that sales grew almost 20% in 2009. The directors now look forward to a period of sustained growth, as their sales strategy bears fruition.

New products are planned for 2010, which will help the company to maintain a committed growth forecast to £5m GWP within the next 3 years.

7. What are the company’s future development plans?

The company is committed, whilst looking to grow the business, to sustaining customer loyalty through excellent claims handling and service both in terms of our brokers and policyholders.

8. Who are your main competitors? (For Non-Insurance Press)

We view DAS in Bristol, First Assist and Arc Legal Protection as our main competitors in the legal assistance market, and Europ Assistance and AXA Assistance as our main competitors in the domestic breakdown market. We see our other main competitors as MSL, ARAG and ULR Norwich.

9. What are the ‘issues’ you become involved with to try and improve in your sector of the insurance market?

There is one major and important current issue upon which we are now growing our business. The value of Management Information which all our competitors are sadly incapable of producing to their broker relationships. Our GLP PartnerNet programme has been designed to allow our broker partners to access all information enabling them to identify areas of strength and weakness in the way they market their ””add-on”” products to their customers. This strategy is based on an open door policy so that our brokers can visibly see where we are making our profits and losses so that they know the premium we are charging them is realistic and competitive.

10. What has been your major success story?

The launch of GLP PartnerNet, our broker extranet. This is undoubtedly the most important achievement since its launch five years ago.

11. What gives you the edge over your competitors?

Together we make the difference – on the back of this work ethic we operate openly and honestly with our broker/insurer customers. We achieve this by:

(1) offering training to their staff not only on the product but also in Customer Relationship Management techniques;

(2) providing a simple but efficient way of communicating with them via updates to our Handbook (which tells our Business Partners all about GLP, its ethos, its plans and business development);

(3) offering access to Management Information via GLP PartnerNet – our extranet; and

(4) surveying every single customer on the quality of service provided by GLP and publishes the results (warts and all!)