The core objective of all the company’s products is not only to provide the highest level of legal and assistance services but also to offer real value. In an increasingly competitive market, the company refuses to compromise on these principles, and continually strives to ensure that all products offered meet both of these requirements.

To achieve this, the company maximises the benefit of its supply chain. Our vast experience in the assistance market has enabled us to create a panel of suppliers, each chosen for their supply services from core competences. Contractually agreed service standards are monitored continuously via regular business review meetings and customer feedback. The level of service that we demand for all our customers is guaranteed by rigorously adhering to this strategy.

Our brokers have realised that we have found a way of tapping into large resources via this supply chain strategy which also protects their net premiums.

All claims and helpline calls are routed through our Call Centre Management System which is maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This enables the company to offer as many of the services as are promoted round-the-clock, especially legal advice on any personal legal matter.

This structure permits rapid expansion of business without the need to radically expand our own operation. Such flexibility enables us to concentrate on our core objectives – product innovation and service delivery.