Personal lines

Insurance for the Motorist – A choice of 2 levels of cover – PLUS or ADVANCE Simple but effective Uninsured Loss Recovery policies… Read More »

Insurance for the Homeowner – A valuable and inexpensive Personal Legal Expenses policy… Read More »

SilverKnight RESCUE
Breakdown & Assistance Cover for cars, small vans and motorbikes … at the level you choose… Read More »

SilverKnight REPAIR
Utility & Appliance Breakdown cover – a policy of inclusion for the homeowner, from the kitchen sink up… Read More »

For the Motorcyclist – A Personal Accident policy with a lot more included. Designed by Bikers for Bikers… Read More »

ID Theft Insurance
For everyone who realises they could face financial persecution… Read More »

Marine LEGAL
For the serious yachtsman as well as the enthusiastic boat or jet ski owner – a Marine Assistance Package that helps to alleviate boating problems where you have legal problems that need resolving… Read More »